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Types of Fostering

There are many different types of foster care, from short term, temporary fostering to long term, permanent fostering. Find out more below.

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Short Term Fostering

Short term foster carers look after children for a temporary period until they can return to parental care, or go to live with other relatives or other carers on a longer term basis. Short term fostering can last from a few weeks to many months.

Long Term Fostering

Long term- permanent foster carers look after children until they are grown up. There is a national shortage of foster carers for older children (age 7 +) who need long term foster care. 

Parent and Child Placements

Most of our Parent and Child carers work to support young mother's to care for their new babies, or occasionally a young father and child. Some of our more experienced Parent and Child carers provide placements for older mums who need support for a wider range of reasons. For example, due to the mother's learning difficulties, or other special needs, or previous difficulty with caring for an earlier child.

We provide parent and child carers with additional training to support their work in this sensitive and important area of fostering practice.

Staying Put Arrangements

A Staying Put placements is an arrangement for a former  foster children to remain with their former foster carer after age 18 to complete education or training and to be supported to complete the journey to independence. Staying put arrangements are not actually foster placements but there are some very broad similarities, hence their inclusion on this page.    

Staying Local Arrangements

Our staying local scheme is a new initiative which seeks to enable specific young people to remain in their local area to complete education or training and to be supported to complete the journey to independence in circumstances where their former foster carer is not able to continue to provide them with accommodation beyond age 18.

Local foster placements for local children

Most foster children are happier if they are placed reasonably close to their familiar home area and within a reasonable travelling distance of their current school. We work to achieve do this by recruiting sufficient number of different types of foster carer in each local area within our wider catchment area.

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