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The fp.c team

The fp.c fostering service team is staffed by a diverse, friendly, group of individuals with a wealth of experience in fostering, social work, administration, management and other allied professions...

Claire, Sarah and Catherine each play a key part in the delivery of our admin team.  ( From left to right)

Claire is great with numbers and is the person who can help  if you call   for information or queries about foster carer payments or similar.  

Sarah oversees and coordinates our introductory and foster carer training programme. If you want to book directly into some foster carer training or check the time of a foster carer practice meeting,  Sarah can definitely help you.

Catherine is one of our friendly, foster carer, recruitment advisers. If you call to request an information pack or to discuss a fostering query, Catherine will be very happy to  will help you.

Glen, Sharon and Lisa K - The fp.c Placement Team

Glen, Sharon and Lisa spend a large part of each day responding to and managing local authority requests for foster placements.

Glen set up the team, developed and manages our placement team and it's a real credit to her.

Over time the team have develop a great reputation for making good, effective,matches between children and foster carers, for delivering good informal support to our foster carers and great customer service to our local authorities.

Sharon has masses of experience gained in various roles within different fostering settings and previously fostered herself for many years. If anyone knows what fostering is really about, it is Sharon. You can trust her judgement and be sure she will work hard to find out as much as possible about any children she is considering placing with you. You will be in good safe hands with Sharon.

Lisa is our most recent recruit to the placement team. We are all very pleased she has joined us! Lisa is currently working hard to get to know all of our foster carers really well. If you join us, you are very likely to meet her at one of our foster carer training and practice meetings. Lisa brings a wealth of experience to the team from a range of other work settings. She also makes a very good cup of tea!

Some of our lovely Social Workers... 

Our goal of enabling all children needing foster carer to remain in their existing schools has led us to recruit foster carers over a wide geographic area.  Our social workers each support and supervise a  small cluster group of foster carers in or near to the area where they live  or local to our offices so that our foster carers always have someone on hand nearby to support them. 

Our social workers are indeed a happy, friendly bunch of  committed social work professionals! From left to right.

Jenny lives near to our Oxfordshire office and  supports a number of our Oxfordshire  based foster carers.

Munni  lives in Berkshire and works with a cluster group of foster carers who live  in Berkshire, North Surrey and West London. 

Andy lives in Surrey and supports and supervises a group of foster carers who live in Surrey and around oru offices in  North Hampshire

Emma lives in Hampshire and works from her home and our Hampshire office. She is is currently very busy recruiting more foster carers  across South Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton.

The rest of our social workers cover the remainder of our wide catchment area.. Look out for Louise in the New Forest, Hampshire and South Wiltshire. Becky in Coventry, Birmingham and Warwickshire, Lynn in Swindon and Gloucester, etc etc..

Not the whole team- some of us had to hold the fort on the day of the photo shoot...but it's a far cross section  of the team and may help you to put names to faces...

From left to right:

Top row:  Andy W, Claire, Fleur, Sharon, Lisa, Munni, Glenda,  Andy C

Front row:  Catherine, Emma, Joanne, Jenny, Melissa, Sarah

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