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Fostering in Bristol with fp.c

Fostering in Bristol with fp.c

Have you ever wondered whether you could become a foster carer in Bristol? Do you have a safe nurturing environment where a foster child could feel comfortable and cared for? If you believe that you can provide this you could make an ideal foster carer in Bristol.

We are currently looking for people in the Bristol area who are interested in developing a career in foster care or are interested in finding out out more about what’s involved. You may not be ready to foster now, and that’s fine, we’re more than happy to help you answer any of the questions you may have about becoming a foster carer in Bristol.

Types of fostering in Bristol?

There are a variety of ages of children who require fostering in Bristol. There are also variations in how long you may be fostering a child for. If you decide that fostering in Bristol is right for you and you meet the criteria, the types of matches you might expect are;

  • Sibling groups of younger children
  • Children age 9+ who need short term placements
  • Children age 9+ who need long term/ permanent placements
  • Teenagers who need to remain with foster carers until they reach independence
  • Children who have mild and moderate level learning difficulties
  • Children who have more complex disabilities
  • Parent and Child Placements (Usually mother and child- occasionally a new father and child)
  • Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking children and young people

Foster care works best when

  • There is a good match between the child's needs and the carer's skills and qualities
  • When foster carers receive the best support from their fostering agency

Different types of fostering in Bristol

Children may require different lengths of foster care depending on their individual circumstances. Children may need short term fostering in Bristol which may be for a temporary period until they can return to their parental home or relatives. This may be anywhere from a few weeks to several months. At the other end of the spectrum long term fostering in Bristol may mean foster carers look after children until they are grown up.

Become a Bristol foster carer with fp.c

Foster carers come from all types of backgrounds and come with a wide range of life experiences and interests. We welcome all manners of foster carers regardless of marital status, ethnicity, or cultural background. It is important that you have a safe, comfortable environment for a young person to live in and that you have the time and capacity to care for a child or young person in Bristol.

Our foster carers in Bristol are fully supported and enjoy an excellent level of success. Over the years we have built excellent relationships with our foster carers in Bristol and and most have been with us for many years. We offer support when you need it and help you commit to foster caring only when you’re fully feel ready to do so. As an agency fp.c has consistently been accredited as an 'Outstanding' or 'Good' Fostering Service Provider by OFSTED.

We pride ourselves in the care we take in matching children with foster carers in Bristol and we believe that this is at the heart of the success our foster carers and children enjoy.

Beccy & Michael

"Read Beccy and Michaels story here:"

- Beccy & Michael

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What support do foster carers in Bristol receive?

Fostering in Bristol can be immensely rewarding and gets the best results when you know you are fully supported and are in safe hands.

It is important to feel supported in all stages of foster caring. Whether that’s at the early stage of considering fostering, or whether you’ve been a long term foster carer in Bristol just wanting to discuss experiences with peers and other carers. We set out to make learning about fostering an enjoyable experience, enabling you to make fully informed decisions about whether fostering will be right for you.

As an fp.c foster carer in Bristol you will be receive a high level of support. As well as being able to attend foster carer support groups and training at various locations in or near to Bristol. As one of our foster carers, you will have access to a full range of support services including:

  • Your own designated social worker, who will visit regularly, usually fortnightly, to provide advice, guidance and support
  • Placement duty staff who will work hard to achieve a match that will be right for you when you have a vacancy
  • Access to telephone advice and support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Careful matching of children with foster carers
  • Good preparation and initial induction
  • Support with completing a formal induction workbook process (TSD)
  • Access to respite care
  • Support to develop safe and effective baby sitting and back up care arrangements
  • Support groups for own children to attend- if they wish
  • Access to a psychologist for advice and support, where needed
  • Higher frequency, higher level support at the time of new placements and if/when needed

Funding and financials

  • Funding for access to relevant external training
  • High level professional fee in recognition of your skills
  • Summer holiday, Birthday and Christmas/Festival supplements
  • High level child maintenance allowance

Training and resources

  • Access to online training- e-learning
  • Access to ongoing foster carer training provided by in house and specialist external trainers
  • Annual appraisal to support you to develop your skills to a higher level
  • Workshops for young people in foster care- to support your good efforts
  • Free membership of Fostering Network
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If you decide to join our team, you will be working with an agency that has consistently been accredited as an 'Outstanding' or 'Good' Fostering Service Provider by OFSTED.

Our work with Bristol Council

Our fostering agency is an accredited Tier 1 provider of foster placements for Bristol Council and several neighbouring local authorities. We are also accredited as preferred providers of foster placements for the wider group of local authorities. We have been providing foster carers for Bristol children for several years. Our Tier 1 status means that Bristol refers children to us first whenever a foster placement is needed for a Bristol child. This means that if you live in or near Bristol and decide to foster with our agency, you are likely to be kept very busy.

If you live in Bristol and are thinking of fostering, we would really like to hear from you. Thank you for your interest in our Bristol fostering service

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