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Transfer Fostering Agency

We have lots of experience of successfully enabling foster carers to transfer their fostering approval

How do I transfer fostering agency

How to transfer your fostering approval

Thank you for your interest in transferring your fostering approval our service.  

We have considerable experience in enabling foster carers to transfer their fostering approval to our agency. 

Our foster carer recruitment advice service has been designed to enable existing foster carers to fully explore  whether a move will be right for them in a confidential manner and prior to  making any firm commitment to move.We fully understand that most transferring carers have different information needs to prospective foster carers and  your enquiry will be passed to a specialist advisor who understands the queries that transferring foster carers may have.

If you decide to join our fostering service, we will work to ensure that the transfer happens as smoothly as possible and that any existing children's placements can continue without interruption.

If you would find it helpful to speak to one of our foster carers who previously transferred from another agency to our service, let us know and we will be happy to make the arrangements.

Reasons to transfer to our fostering service

  • Join us to succeed as a foster carer and to enjoy fostering. Our foster carers succeed because their skills,  hard work and dedication are underpinned by our full on support, our close relationships with them, the care we take in getting full information about children  and our understanding of which children will be well matched with each of them. 
  • We are Tier 1 and preferred providers of foster placements for all of the local authorities in our wide catchment area.  Our Tier 1 status means that local authorities come to us first when they need a foster placement. This results in our agency receiving  a high level of requests for foster placements  which  means that our foster carers are generally kept very busy
  • We are sufficiently large as an agency to provide a comprehensive range of support services but remain small enough to provide  highly personalised support to carers.  
  • Our duty service is organised so that our duty staff know our foster carers well and therefore able to  make good effective matches of the children needing placements with the skills, experience and personal- household circumstances of our available foster carers
  •  You will be joining a service with a  long standing reputation for making  good, successful matches, for  providing high quality care and  for enabling our foster carers and  children to achieve a a high level of placement stability 
  • You will enjoy the benefits that arise from joining a service which is operated by a stable, friendly, happy, professional work force which has many years experience of providing high quality fostering services.

The transfer process

The transfer process broadly works as follows:

  • We meet with you to informally discuss your plans to move
  • If you decide to transfer, we delay contacting your current agency until you have had the chance to talk with relevant staff and managers about your plans
  • We meet with your current agency to discuss and agree transfer arrangements - including the timing of your proposed move and how to effect the transfer so that any children in placement are not disrupted or distressed by the change in agency arrangements
  • One of our social workers will visit you to draft a new form F home study report. This process is likely to take less time than before because we will need to spend less time on ensuring that you understand the fostering task if you are already fostering
  • We present your report to our fostering panel to seek in principle agreement to your approval
  • We agree with you and your current agency the date at which this new approval will come into effect and the date the old approval will end
  • We confirm with you, any children in placement and their social workers that the transfer is now completed!

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