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Foster Carer Support

Children thrive and foster carers succeed best when great care is taken to match the right children with the right carers and when foster carers have good access to a fully comprehensive range of support. As an fp.c foster carer, you should never feel "left to walk alone".

Fostering as a career

How we give fostering support

Our foster carers have a well earned reputation for providing children with good stable foster placements and for helping children to catch up and prosper whilst in foster care. 

These good  outcomes are underpinned by our success in carefully matching the children needing foster care with the skills and qualities of our  foster carers and by the  high level support that all of our foster carers receive.

Foster care support

As an fp.c foster carer, you can be confident that whenever you have a vacancy, our placement duty staff will be working hard to achieve a match that will be right for you, right for the child and right for your family. Your confidence about our matching process will be underpinned by your knowledge that our duty placement staff know you and your family really well.

You will have the benefit of knowing  that our placement staff will working hard to gather the fullest possible information about each referred child, that this information will be fully shared with you before any placements are formally agreed. 

Whenever  a new child is placed with our foster carers, our supervising social workers work hard to make sure that formal plans are  quickly agreed so that everyone is clear about about the arrangements for meeting the child's day to day care, education, contact and health needs, etc from the start of the placement.

As one of our foster carers, you will have access to a full range of support services including:

  • Your own designated social worker, who will visit regularly to provide advice, guidance and support
  • Access to telephone advice and support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Links to other local foster carers via our network of  local foster carer support groups and practice meetings 
  • High level professional fee in recognition of your skills
  • High level child maintenance allowance
  • Summer holiday, Birthday and Christmas/Festival supplements
  • Careful matching of children with foster carers
  • Good preparation and initial induction
  • Support with completing a formal  induction workbook process (CWDC)
  • Access to ongoing foster carer training provided by in house and specialist external trainers
  • Funding for access to relevant external training
  • Access to online training- e-learning
  • Annual appraisal to support you to develop your skills to a higher level
  • Access to respite care
  • Support to develop safe and  effective baby sitting and  back up care arrangements
  • Support groups for own children to attend- if they wish
  • Workshops for young people in foster care- to support your good efforts
  • Access to a psychologist for advice and support, where needed
  • Free membership of Fostering Network
  • Higher frequency, higher level support at the time of new placements and if/when needed

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