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We appreciate that some people, who are interested in fostering, will have worries about whether they meet the criteria for approval as a foster carer and that there are many myths circulating in society about who can and cannot be approved to foster.

Our aim is to provide interested people with any easy route to getting their questions answered and to make sure people are not put off by the inaccurate information that is out there in the world.

We work to encourage as many people as possible to consider fostering as possible and to provide interested people with any  information that they need to make their own informed decision about whether fostering will be right for them.

Our foster carer recruitment service has been set up so that prospective foster carers have a choice of different ways that they can find out more, and can proceed at their own speed, without feeling any pressure to apply until they are ready to do so. 

If you decide to apply, our aim will be to ensure that your journey to approval is a positive experience which leaves you feeling well prepared to start fostering and confident that you will always have full back up and high level, personally tailored, professional support from our team.

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