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Our foster carers are a diverse group of individuals. They are all different. Different backgrounds. Different homes. Different lifestyles. Different relationship status. With or without own children. Older with grown up children. Younger with younger children. Fit and healthy or not so fit. Married, Divorced and Single. Gay and Hetero. Black, White and Asian. Different from each other in so many ways but with one main principle in common. They are all committed to making a difference for children. And they will all go the extra mile that it takes...

The case studies below give some examples of the range of people that foster with our service.

If you are thinking of fostering and would like to meet some of our foster carers for an informal chat, please let us know and we will be happy to arrange this.


Many male foster carers make a very significant and unique contribution to household fostering activities

Contrary to the stereotype, in practice, lots of men play a very significant role in many fostering households - sometimes as the primary carer, sometimes as a joint primary carer and sometimes by always being there to provide support and to add their own unique contribution. 



Fostering and the involvement of the wider extended family network

Foster carers can never have too much support. Having willing interested extended family members around can be a big bonus. Not everyone has this. If you don't there are lots of other ways we can extend your support network.


Parent and Child Fostering

Parent and Child Fostering

Parent and Child foster carers take in a parent and child together and work to help them to succeed together and to stay together.

Most parent and child placements involve young mums with new babies, occasionally, they involve a  young dad with his new/young  child, or you could be involved in supporting an older parent  who has some level of special needs to care for their child. As a parent and child carer, you work to help, support, coach and mentor  the parent to care for their own child.

Most parent and child placements  last about 3-6 months and end with the parent and child returning to live independently in the community. Sometimes, the carers and the parent and child decide to retain a level of informal contact over time- after the parent and child have left. Sometimes this goes on for a long time, by mutual consent, and the parent and child carer get to see the child growing up and doing well in their community and becomes  part of their life..Obviously, this can be very rewarding. 

Parent and Child Fostering

Sue and Ian

Fostering after the children have flown.

One of the best times to foster when your own children are about to flee the nest. its often a cross roads for people - who are thinking about their life to date and what to do next. Another big plus is that by this stage, you have lots of prior child care experience to draw on.

Sue and Ian


We currently need foster carers for children of all ages in most areas now

We are actively recruiting foster carers for children of all ages in all areas now.  If you think you could help, please give us a call, we will be very pleased to hear from you.  Thank you


The M family

Starting to foster because you have always wanted to and the time is now right

It helps a lot if your own older children are also really up for the challenge, and for new family adventure and if they they clearly feel happy to share their homes and are emotionally ready to share their parents with some other younger ones.

The M family

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