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Fostering in Southampton

Find out about the children needing fostering in Southampton. Check out how we will support you. If you live in Southampton and are thinking of fostering, we would very much like to hear from you

Fostering in Southampton

The Southampton children who need fostering

In the Southampton area,  the children needing fostering are predominantly:

  • Sibling groups of younger children
  • Children age 9+ who need short term placements
  • Children age 9+ who need long term/ permanent placements
  • Teenagers who need to remain with foster carers until they reach independence
  • Children who have mild and moderate level learning difficulties
  • Children who have more complex disabilities
  • Parent and Child Placements ( Usually mother and child)
  • Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking children and young people

Recruitment of foster carers in Southampton

We regularly review whether there are sufficient foster carers within Southampton to enable children needing foster carer to be placed with foster carers near to their existing schools, family and friends. 
We currently need to recruit more foster carers of all kinds in Southampton to meet local short falls of foster carers.

If you live in Southampton and are thinking of fostering, we would very much like to hear from you.

How our Southampton foster carers are supported

Our Southampton based foster carers are supported by locally based social workers. 

 Our Southampton based foster carers  have access to regular local foster carer support groups. Our Southampton  fos ter carer training takes place in Southampton, Southampton or Wickh am.

As an agency, we place a huge amount of emphasis on ensuring our foster carers are well supported at all times.  We ensure that this happens we providing each of foster carers with their own designated fp.c social worker. 

 If you join our Southampton fostering service, we will work to ensure that you and your foster child succeed by :

  • Consulting you fully  in the process of deciding whether or not a particular child will be a good "match" with you and your household
  • Working to obtain and share full information about each child needing a foster placement
  • Ensuring that you receive comprehensive induction training and a careful induction before you start fostering
  • Ensuring you receive high level support when you first start fostering, when you take a new child into placement and if/when some extra support is needed
  • Taking great care about how we match the right children with each foster carer 
  • Facilitating your contact with other local Southampton foster carers via access locally based foster carer practice meetings and foster carer training 
  • Providing you with access to our telephone helpline - 24 hours per day- 7 days per week
  • Arranging for you to have easy access to our in house clinical psychologist for advice about any special needs issues
  • Providing you with regular high level fostering payments- which include a Skills Level payment - alongside the maintenance element- to recognise and value your contribution
  • Providing extra funding to cover the additional costs of a child's access to play and leisure during the summer holidays
  • Providing access to respite and back up care when this is needed
If you decide to join our team, you will be working with an agency that has consistently been accredited as an " Outstanding" Fostering Service Provider by OFSTED

How we work with Southampton Social Services

We are Tier 1 providers of foster placements for Southampton City Council and the neighbouring local authorities of Hampshire, Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, and other nearby Councils, e.g Surrey. Our Tier 1 accreditation as a fostering agncy means that Southampton and neighbouring local authorities refer children to us first when they need a foster placement. 

We are actively recruiting additional Southampton based foster carers to meet the ongoing need for foster placements for Southampton children. 

Next Steps to becoming an fp.c foster carer in Southampton

If you live in Southampton and are thinking of fostering, we would very much like to hear from you.  Our fostering service is designed to make it easy for people to get answers to all of their fostering questions prior to making any form of commitment to proceed further.

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