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Considering Fostering as a Alternative Career?

Thinking of a change of career into fostering? Considering giving up your job to foster? Check out how this could work for you.

Fostering as a career

Fostering as an Alternative Career

Over recent times, fostering has gradually changed form being an activity that was undertaken on a voluntary basis, with paid expenses, to a point where it can  now be seen as a financially viable, professional career option and as an alternative to other forms of paid employment.

This evolution of fostering to a point where it is properly recognised and rewarded now allows more people  to decide that they can  take up a long standing ambition to help children in need as a foster carer.

A  good number of our existing approved foster carers have successfully made this transition from formal employment to a career in fostering. 

Financial and career advice

We realise that transferring from formal employment outside of the home  to a new career in fostering based at home, is a big step for most people. Our recruitment advisers are familiar with the range of questions that commonly arise when  people are considering embarking upon a change of  career into fostering - including: 

  • How foster carers are paid
  • The employment status of foster carers
  • How busy any foster carer is likely to be 
  • The extent to which it is possible to rely upon an income from fostering activities
  • Whether it is possible to combine employment outside of the home with fostering
  • The extent to which fostering payments impact on benefit income

For answers to these questions, or other queries, please telephone our recruitment helpline on (01993) 706925 and ask to speak with a foster carer financial adviser or complete and submit an online enquiry form and we will be very happy to assist you further

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