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Foster Care payments and allowances

Find out about foster care payments and allowances. Check out if you could give up work to foster or how fostering payments impact upon state benefits. Talk confidentially with a foster care finance adviser

Foster Carer allowances and payments

Foster Care Payments and Allowances

Fostering is a fantastic career choice and we believe that our carers deserve to be properly rewarded for their hard work. That’s why we offer generous and competitive fostering payments.

Our foster care  payments take into account the demands of foster care, the needs of the children, the significance of the role you play in a child or young person’s life and the fundamental fact that today very few people could afford to foster a child without  a significant level of payment alongside full expenses.

How much will I receive?

All of our foster carers receive a professional fee in recognition of their skills and effort and a child maintenance allowance for each child placed with them. 

Our foster carers  also receive additional payments to cover the cost of special events like birthdays and some additional funding for summer holiday leisure activities.

The level of the weekly child maintenance allowance varies according to the age of each child placed, the skills level of the foster carer and the complexity of the child's needs. 

Our foster carer payment scheme seeks to recognise the valuable, professional level contribution made by each of our foster carers.

The overall amount of fostering  payments can be significant. A good proportion of our foster carers have chosen to give up paid employment outside of the home to take up fostering.

Fostering payments  are subject to special tax arrangements which means that most foster carers pay very low level of income tax on their fostering payments. If you would like more advice on tax issues for foster carers, please call one of our specialist foster carer finance advisers on (01993) 706925

Extra support for individuals who are considering giving up work to foster

We realise that transferring from formal employment  to a career in fostering based  is a big step for most people. Our recruitment advisers are familiar with the range of questions that commonly arise when people are considering embarking upon a change of career into fostering - including:

  • How foster carers are paid
  • The employment status of foster carers
  • How busy any foster carer is likely to be
  • The extent to which it is possible to rely upon an income from fostering activities
  • Whether it is possible to combine employment outside of the home with fostering

For answers to these questions, or other queries, please telephone our recruitment helpline on (01993) 706925 or complete and submit an online enquiry form

If you are receiving state benefits, you will be pleased to know that certain benefits are still payable alongside fostering payments.

To discuss fostering finance, benefits or income tax issues in more detail,  please call  01993 706925  or submit an enquiry form and ask to speak with one of our specialist financial advisers. We will be very pleased to help you


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